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We know how empowering it is to enable others - to start their own creative projects and tell their own stories.  That’s why we’ve decided to share our customers’ stories* to highlight their aspirations and challenges and share that wonderful sense of accomplishment you get from learning something new.  At Stitch & Story we want to share our love of crafting – encouraging others to tell their own stories and create remarkable memories.

Bella Gunnarsdóttir Flynn

In the beginning Bella's relationship with knitting was something of an onward struggle.  Not a confident knitter she aspired to being able to knit in the car like her older "heroine" sister.  She happened upon Stitch & Story's Knitting Kits while moseying around a shop one day and was instantly hooked.

I’d always wanted to learn how to knit.  My great grandmother was a knitting extraordinaire, and grandmother too.  Not to mention all my mother has to do is look at a ball of yarn and bam – she’s clothed an army.

Now, if I so much as touched a ball of yarn you can bet your bonnet there were countless hours of swearing - tearing my hair out between episodes of weeping - resulting in a spider web of angry mess on the floor.

My first Stitch & Story project was the Luca Pom Hat and I remember being really nervous to try it because it was a stitch pattern I was certain I couldn’t do; I’d hate to ruin all that yarn by having to battle out with it.  I didn’t and I have a lovely warm hat to show for it.  Not ashamed to say that I am proud of myself!

Stitch & Story's yarn is beautiful, super soft and lovely to work with.  Patterns are the bane of my existence because I just can’t follow them, but Stitch & Story has me covered.  Easy steps and simple instructions.  I’ve even managed to complete some of the intermediate projects that I usually would completely shy away from because, before I’d even tried, I’d be certain I couldn’t do.  But I can and now I do.

When I started knitting all I wanted to learn to do was how to cable, knit socks and jumpers.  I’ve got cabling covered like a pro thanks to completing the Cable Coo Hat and Chunky Cable Headband - both of which I highly recommend if you want a nice easy project for a Friday night with Margaritas!

Now I’m just like my older sister; I knit on car rides!  In fact these days I knit wherever I go and I always have a project on my needles.  I’m currently waiting for my Easy Slumber Socks and Hadley Jumper kits to come with the postman.  The postman doesn’t know how I eagerly await his return with all my knitting goodies! 

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