How to make a magic ring (magic loop)

How to make a magic ring (magic loop)

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Hello crafters,

The magic ring, or magic loop, is the foundation of many an amigurumi crochet project. Most of the components and limbs of small amigurumi toys, like our Classic Miffy, start with this clever crochet technique but it can be used for any item crocheted in the round, such as Miffy’s face in our Miffy Slippers Crochet Kit. It’s so ‘magic’ that once you’ve mastered the magic ring (magic loop), you will want to use it for everything from hats to baskets.



The ‘magic’ in the method

A magic ring (magic loop) allows an item to be worked in the round while creating a tightly closed center. The alternative method, when crocheting in the round, is to make a small foundation chain; close this chain into a ring with a slip stitch; and work your first round into that ring. The Tate Circular Rug, José Fringe Basket and Mayan Mini Pots all start like this. While both techniques produce a foundation loop, the chain stitch method can leave a hole in the center of your round where toy stuffing, used in amigurumi, can show through. To avoid this, the magic ring (magic loop) is the better choice for any item that will be filled later on, like our XL or Classic Miffy Amigurumi Crochet Kits.


Magic ring (magic loop)

a) Create a ring with the tail behind the working yarn.


b) Insert your hook through the ring from front to back, holding your working yarn taut.


c) With the tip of your hook, create a yarn over.


d) Draw through the loop.


e) Make one chain. This does not count as one of your stitches.


f) Now make the required stitches into the ring, around both strands of yarn.


g) Once all stitches have been worked around the ring, pull the loose tail end to close the ring.*

* Depending on the pattern you are following you will either join the round with a slip stitch, or continue working the rounds in a spiral.

closed magic ring (magic loop)


Alternative method - foundation chain ring

If you’re not yet a fan of the magic ring (magic loop) and would prefer to join chains into a ring, then you can try this method used in several of the Stitch & Story crochet patterns, like the Jóse Fringe Basket.

a) Take the tail end of the yarn found inside the yarn ball and make a foundation chain of 3 stitches.

b) Close into a ring by working a slip stitch into the first chain stitch of your foundation chain.

c) Following the pattern, make the required crochet stitches into the center of this ring.


Knitting’s ‘magic loop’

If you knit, you may have already heard of a different ‘magic loop’. This is a method used for knitting small circumferences in the round using just one long circular needle. Not to be confused with crochet’s magic ring (magic loop), it is a technique that can be used in place of double pointed needles (DPNs).


Crocheting in the round works from the center outwards. Whether you decide to create that center with a magic ring (magic loop) or a foundation chain ring we hope you can create it with confidence. If you already crochet but have never done amigurumi then we encourage you to give our Classic Miffy Amigurumi Crochet Kit a go. Hopefully you’ll love her and amigurumi as much as we do.

Happy crafting!