The Clematis Crochet Quilt Part 2

The Clematis Crochet Quilt: Part 2

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This week you’ll learn how to crochet part of your quilt’s flowers using the Corner Cluster granny square pattern.


How to crochet the Corner Cluster Granny Square

The Clematis Crochet Quilt corner cluster granny square

First things first…

You’ll use Color B of your chosen color pack to make 23 squares.

The Clematis Crochet Quilt yarn packs

Where will they go on my quilt?

These squares will make up the second half of the flower petals on your quilt. We’ve used our Spring color palette to make this quilt, so our shade of The Cotton One for Color B is Rose Pink. The squares are shown in our finished project here:

The Clematis Crochet Quilt  

The pattern

Buy your PDF pattern booklet, then read on for some handy hints to help you master the Corner Cluster Granny Square. The Clematis Crochet Quilt pattern is written in US terminology - you can find out more about US and UK crochet terminologies on our blog here.

Need to familiarise yourself with the basics? Take a look at our crochet tutorial videos.

Round 1

You’ll start by crocheting into a magic ring. Once you’ve completed all the (3dc-cl, ch2) pull on the end of your yarn to close the circle, then finish off with your slip stitch into the 3rd chain from the start of the round.


The Corner Cluster granny square


Round 2

In this round, you’ll work in 3dc-cl (3 double crochet cluster) and chains to make corners, and work double crochets in between.  

The Corner Cluster granny square
(3dc–cl, ch2, 3dc-cl) in same ch-sp


The Corner Cluster granny square
ch1, 3 dc in next ch-sp, ch1

Round 3

It’s time to finish off your square! Continue creating 3dc-cl corners, with double crochets in between, to neaten up the edges, and ss into the 3rd chain from the start to secure.

The corner cluster granny square
 (3dc–cl, ch2, 3dc-cl) in same ch-sp, ch1, 2 dc in next ch-sp, 3 dc, 2 dc in next ch-sp, ch1


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