The Clematis Crochet Quilt Part 6 sewing up and border

The Clematis Crochet Quilt: Part 6

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The final stage of creating your quilt. This week we’ll show you how to sew your squares together, and add a neat border.

How to sew your granny squares together


The Clematis Crochet Quilt

First things first…

Gather your squares and yarns, along with a sewing needle. You’ll use all your yarn colors to sew the design together.

How do I arrange my squares?

We’ve got a handy photo of the finished quilt in each of our 4 yarn pack colors to help you get your squares in a row:

The Clematis Crochet Quilt Spring Palette
Spring Palette
The Clematis Crochet Quilt Summer Palette
Summer Palette
The Clematis Crochet Quilt Autumn Palette
Autumn Palette
The Clematis Crochet Quilt Winter Palette
Winter palette

The pattern

Buy your PDF pattern booklet, then read on for some handy hints to help you bring your blanket together. The Clematis Crochet Quilt pattern is written in US terminology - you can find out more about US and UK crochet terminologies on our blog here.

Need to familiarise yourself with the basics? Take a look at our crochet tutorial videos.

Sewing up your squares

Once you’ve laid out your squares, sew them up using whip stitch in the same color yarn as the panels. If you’re sewing 2 different colors together, use the lighter shade to sew.

Sewing your granny squares using whip stitch
Sewing your granny squares using whip stitch

Crocheting the border

Once your panels are all sewn together, you’ll use your Main Color to work 2 rounds of single crochet along the edges of your blanket.

Creating a single crochet border round your blanket edge

Voila! You’ve completed your quilt!

The Clematis Crochet Quilt

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