How to do Tapestry Crochet

How to do Tapestry Crochet

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Tutorial Overview

Tapestry crochet allows us to use multiple colors across a row. The unused yarn strands will be hidden 'within' the stitches. Most patterns will include a chart that shows which stitches to work in which color.

We'll work single crochet stitches (US terminology) in this video.


Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Follow your pattern, and chart, until you reach the last stitch in your first color.

As with all color changes in crochet, we want to work the last step of the stitch in the new color to create a neat color change.

Step 2:

Just before finishing this single crochet, we have 2 loops on our hook.

We'll now wrap the new color yarn over our hook and pull this through both remaining loops. This will complete our last single crochet in the first color used.

Step 3:

We can now work the next stitch in the new color. In tapestry crochet we work the stitches around the unused yarn color.

To do this, hold the previous shade of yarn on top of the stitches from the row below.

Step 4:

Then work your single crochet stitches around this strand.

Top Tip: Hold the working yarn in front of your work, and the unused yarn at the back to prevent twisting of the yarn.

Step 5:

Continue to follow your pattern and chart and switching the colors as indicated.

You can now work tapestry crochet!


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