Hadley Jumper: How To Shape The Lace Collar

Hadley Jumper: How To Shape The Lace Collar

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Hello knitters,

Happy New Year! We hope you've had a warm and wooly festive season.

The lace collar of our Hadley Jumper has been proving tricky for some of you so we've decided to focus this week on this section of the jumper pattern, in particular the casting off method used. 

Beginner's guide - How to shape the Hadley Jumper lace collar

The lace collar is created by turning your work midway of a row (known as short rows).  Each time a stitch is slipped as a decrease, it will create a loop with a stretchy collar.

Shape Right Front - lace collar

Step 1

Follow the pattern to knit the front panel of the jumper.  The 2 unworked stitches on centre-left and centre-right of the front panel form the start of the lace collar.

Step 2

First row of lace collar (right): Knit x amount of stitches as outlined in pattern.

Step 3

Turn your work around.

Step 4

Slip a stitch from your left to your right needle purlwise.

Step 5 

Purl x amount of stitches as outlined in pattern.

Step 6

Repeat for x amount of rows as outlined in pattern.




Cast off Right Front

Step 1

Knit two together through the back loop.  Ensure your right needle goes through the back of the stitches, behind your left needle.



Step 2

Slip the stitch on the right needle back on to left needle purlwise.



Step 3

Repeat steps 1-2 until you have cast off the total number of stitches as outlined in pattern.

Moving working yarn

To begin shaping left collar, your working yarn now needs to start on the opposite
side of your needle.

Step 1

Slip all stitches entirely from your left needle onto your right needle.

Step 2

Turn your work so that the wrong side is facing you and cut your current working yarn leaving a tail of 15cm.

Step 3

Rejoin your yarn at the opposite side.

Shape Left Front - lace collar

The left front collar is created in the same way as the right, only using Purl instead of Knit stitches, as outlined in pattern. 

For more help check out our Tutorials.  Happy knitting!

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