How to Make a Tassel

How to Make a Tassel

Techniques  |  1 min read time

Tutorial Overview

Add the finishing touches to your project with a tassel, or two! They're fun to make, and perfect for using up your yarn scraps.


Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Start by cutting out a square piece of cardboard. Ours measures 12cm x 12cm.

Top Tip: You can change the size of the finished tassel by cutting a smaller or larger cardboard template.

Step 2:

Wrap your yarn around the cardboard between 22-25 times.

Both the beginning of the yarn tail and the end should be at the bottom of the card.

Step 3:

Now cut the yarn.

Step 4:

Then thread a scrap piece of yarn under your wraps of yarn, and pull it to the top of the cardboard.

Step 5:

Tie a knot to secure the yarn bundle.

Step 6:

Cut the loops of yarn at the bottom and remove the cardboard.

Step 7:

Tie another piece of yarn around the top end of the yarn loops, just below where you tied the bundle together.

Step 8:

To finish your tassel neatly, give it a trim and a shake.

Step 9:

Using your sewing needle, you can now attach the tassel to your project.


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