5 questions with Isaiah Moses -

5 questions with Isaiah Moses - "I would advise anyone starting TikTok to post everything!"

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What inspires you to pick up your hooks/needles the most?

I can crochet all day if possible, haha, but what initially draws me in and has me reaching under sofa cushions to get started, are colors. The sunset peaking through the train window, green leaves settling into brown, the color of my Starbucks drink etc. seeing colors blend in and out of each other gets me in the mood to create. Also childhood nostalgia.

Are you a craft-goal setter? Or are you a sporadic crafter?

I am definitely a sporadic crafter. I go into every project with barely an idea of what I want to make. Sometimes this leads to yarn waste, but most times it allows for my creative expression to take center stage. Recently I crocheted a robe, which was originally supposed to be a sweater…and then a blanket…so yeah no planning here.  


You share your amazing makes on TikTok - what's your favourite thing to do? What are your top TikTok tips?

My favorite thing about sharing my pieces on TikTok is the engagement and encouragement from my community. I would advise anyone starting TikTok to POST EVERYTHING. Make the entire process content. Also, Have fun with it and try your best to be original. 


Which projects are you more proud of? 

I most proud of my crochet piglet sweater, which was a part of my 100 acre woods series. This project came out just how I envisioned it and is still my favorite handmade piece to this day. 


Where do you do your best crafting? Do you have a special space or are you a craft anywhere type of person?

I do my best crafting in my local coffee shop. It’s super cozy, and I love the smell of coffee, I used to be a barista. I like to go in on an early morning, sip a cold brew (hazelnut latte if it’s cold out) and get to stitching. While the coffee shop is my ideal place to craft I create Almost anywhere, on train rides, at the movies, even at the bar. 


You can find Isaish on Instagram @I.zaee and on TikTok @isaiahmosesart