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Crafting the Collection: Hello Kitty Amigurumi

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You’ve met Hello Kitty - now find out how our talented designer, Cynthia, created a wardrobe of fancy outfits for her!


The Hello Kitty Amigurumi Collection


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From sketches to stitches, our designer-in-chief Cynthia went on an exciting and inspirational journey to create 7 exclusive Hello Kitty Amigurumi kits. Her journey began by thinking back to her childhood, where she remembers seeing Hello Kitty dressed in all kinds of outfits, and that became the starting point for creating playful, nostalgic designs.


The Drawing Board

When sketching up her ideas, Cynthia kept Hello Kitty’s love for creativity in mind, and came up with outfits that could be adored by fans all over the world. One very important element to consider during the design stage was Hello Kitty’s signature bow - each design ensures she is always wearing her iconic accessory!

Once Cynthia had a collection of sketches, the whole team at Stitch & Story HQ voted for their favorites, and helped her put together the final 7 designs.


Shop the Hello Kitty Amigurumi crochet kits at Stitch & Story



Creating the Patterns

The next step in the creative process was to start creating samples for each design; Cynthia worked with Irene Strange to bring her designs to life. Sample-making also becomes part of the pattern-writing process - it’s important for us that our crochet patterns are easy to follow, and fun to make! 

Creating these designs was an exciting opportunity to use The Cotton One yarn; this collection marks the first time the yarn will be used in our kits! Its smooth, soft texture, and bright color palette makes it the perfect choice for crocheting amigurumi. With the yarn being available in 25g balls, the designs could include special details, using small quantities of yarn to add those finishing touches.


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Building The Kits

Once the yarn is chosen, the crochet patterns are written, and test samples are made, it’s time to build the kits! Every Stitch & Story kit comes with all the tools, yarns, and patterns you’ll need to bring your project to life. Our superstar warehouse team lovingly packs everything into an adorable Hello Kitty bag, and secures it with our very own pink Hello Kitty bow.


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So, which Hello Kitty will you crochet first? We’ll definitely be making one of each! Share your progress with us on Instagram and Facebook

Shop the Hello Kitty Amigurumi crochet kit collection at Stitch & Story