Crafting the Checkmate Collection of knitting and crochet patterns

Crafting the Collection: The Checkmate Collection

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Meet Fadzi, the designer behind our new collection, and find out what inspired her!

The Checkmate Collection is made up of 9 bold knitting and crochet patterns, each one an opportunity to get creative with colorwork. Read on to find out more about the making of this collection, by its designer, Fadzi Sango!

What was your starting point for creating the collection? 

I’m always looking on multiple platforms for trends, and I’d been seeing the checker box pattern on social media for a while, along with a ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic. So I started there as a point of inspiration, and began doing research, playing with colors and stitches. 

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How did you decide which garments would form the collection?

Initially I started with two patterns, the Clovelly Checkered Shopping Bag and the Pawley Checkered Bucket Hat. I wanted to be playful with the two patterns, including elements that are popular but also contemporary. So when I got the go ahead to expand the collection, I knew I wanted to include different garments, textures and techniques that would help our crafting community learn more skills and create fun garments. I also looked at our previous pattern collections and thought about what I would like to see more of, so I added the Gael Diamond Tee and Aluinn Houndstooth Cardigan

Shop the Checkmate Collection knitting and crochet patterns and yarns

What do you love about crafting in checkered patterns?

I wanted to help crafters advance their skills, so I was very excited about mosaic stitch patterns because they create interesting surface textures, but the technique is completely accessible to beginners! Mosaic patterns that feature in the Arkel Grid Beanie and Polperro Grid Scarf are made with a combination of slip stitches and stripes to create the grid. I wanted to open up our beginners to more possibilities so I explored that technique to develop a pattern that is accessible and has a fun finish. 

Shop the Checkmate Collection knitting and crochet patterns and yarns

Do you have any tips for people who may be new to colorwork techniques?

When doing colorwork it is important to keep your yarns separate, this is to avoid them tangling. You can do this in a number of ways, including a DIY fix of placing the balls of yarn in a wicker basket, or something with holes, and threading the yarns through them so that the yarn is fed through those holes. I also prefer to ‘carry’ the yarn I’m not using as I knit stripes. I do this by simply wrapping the yarn not in use over the yarn I am using every second row. This stops those loose hanging bits when you are making large stripes and means there are less ends to weave in!


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