Exporting is GREAT - Stitch & Story and DIT

Exporting is GREAT - Stitch & Story and DIT

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Hello Knitters,

You (particularly those of you reading this from across the Atlantic) may be excited to know that Stitch & Story are growing stateside!  We've had so much support for the brand from US customers we decided it was time to bring our products closer to you...

In 2017 Stitch & Story began exporting to the US, following support from the Department for International Trade (DIT) and opportunities secured after exhibiting at consumer trade show, NY Now.  Distributing to US marketplace Uncommon Goods, independent gift stores and retailers, Stitch & Story also has a dedicated US website.

Jenny said: “It’s no secret that there are plenty of perceived barriers when it comes to exporting.  Custom arrangements and tax regulations can be a bit daunting, but there’s plenty of help available.  Our trade advisors at the DIT provided us with legal advice, as well as sharing useful resources, which made the process far less alien.”

This year the success of Stitch & Story’s international expansion has been celebrated in DIT’s Exporting is GREAT campaign.  The campaign, which looks to inspire and support more UK companies to take their first steps towards selling overseas and help existing exporters grow further, selected S&S as one of 30 companies to champion.

As a result Jen and Jenny have been spotted in marketing campaigns across the country, including bus stops, Heathrow and London City Airports and on the great.gov.uk website landing page.  They’ve also been invited to Exporting is GREAT events and recently met with Baroness Fairhead CBE, the Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion.

With all of this exposure and support we've got great plans to expand further into the US market and bring our products directly to you, our fans!  So if you love Stitch & Story and own a store that would love to stock us, or think you know a retailer in the US that would be a great fit, then get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!