Free knitting pattern: Jute stitch scrunchie

Free Knitting Pattern: Jute Stitch Scrunchie

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A quick project that’s perfect for using up your scrap yarns.

Free knitting pattern: Jute stitch scrunchie

Free knitting pattern: Jute stitch scrunchie


Whip up these super scrunchies and create your own collection of handmade hair accessories with our free pattern.

Need a little extra help? Take a look at Melissa Georges’ jute stitch tutorial.

Measurements (after blocking)

Width - 29cm circumference
Length - 8cm

You will need

  • 1 x Ball of Cotton Braid (Or another aran/worsted weight yarn)
  • 1 x Pair of size 10 (6mm) knitting needles 
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Elastic for hair tie (approx. 25cm long) 


st - Stitch
k - Knit
p - Purl
RS - Right side
WS - Wrong side
wyif - With yarn in front

Free knitting pattern: Jute stitch scrunchie

The Pattern

Cast on 51 stitches.

Work in jute stitch as follows:

1st row (RS): *p1, sl1 wyif, repeat from * to last st, p1
2nd row (WS): *k1, p1, repeat from* to last st, k1

These 2 rows form the jute stitch pattern.

3rd – 22nd rows: Repeat 1st – 2nd rows.

Cast off all stitches, leaving approximately 25cm of yarn tail. Cut the yarn, and fasten off.

Sewing Up

  1. Thread your sewing needle with the long yarn tail from the cast-off edge.

  2. Using mattress stitch, sew the cast-off and cast-on edges together to form a long tube.

  3. Thread the elastic through and tie the ends of the elastic together.

  4. Secure all remaining yarn ends with a knot, and tuck them inside this tube.

  5. Sew the short tube ends together.

  6. Weave in the final yarn tail.

Free knitting pattern: Jute stitch scrunchie

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