From Concept To Creation: The Peanuts x Stitch & Story Journey

From Concept To Creation: The Peanuts x Stitch & Story Journey

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The process of turning Snoopy and the rest of Charles M. Schulz’s much-loved comic strip characters into knitting and crochet kits began in January 2019. At almost 70 years old, the Peanuts brand has existed for decades; captivating generations ever since Snoopy and Charlie Brown’s first appearances in October 1950. Having themselves grown up with Snoopy and Good Ol’ Charlie Brown, Jennifer and Jen were ecstatic to work with Peanuts to create a bespoke crafting collection.


Meet The Peanuts Gang

In February 2019, the ‘Good Grief, Charlie Brown!’ exhibition at Somerset House, which celebrated Snoopy and the enduring power of Peanuts, was the perfect opportunity for Jennifer and Jen to reacquaint themselves with the Peanuts gang.

The exhibition gave an insight into the complex philosophical ideas Charles Schulz introduced through “a plain old comic strip” that framed bittersweet experiences within its modest and understated lines. Jennifer and Jen were able to explore the relationships between Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts characters and learn more about the people who grew up with Charlie Brown.

The Peanuts Comic Strip

The exhibition was also an opportunity to see how the Peanuts artwork has developed over the years and been realised outside of the comic strip realm.

There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment in creating something out of nothing. This idea lies at the heart of every Stitch & Story knitting and crochet kit, and our ethos of crafting made simple. With the Stitch & Story x Peanuts collaboration we wanted to create a line of kits centred around happiness and the imaginative storylines behind the sentimental comic strip. 

Jennifer Lam, CEO: "In an increasingly digitally dependent world, more and more people are exploring crafting as a means of taking time out for themselves, sharing stories and discovering their unique creativity. Our Stitch & Story x Peanuts collection captures the thrill of creating something iconic from scratch and sharing it with family and friends."

A Stitch & Story x Peanuts collection would be incomplete without the classic Charlie Brown zig-zag comic motif, which was a central component of initial product research alongside Snoopy’s monochrome palette and Charlie Brown’s mustard yellow hues.

Product development moodboard

Not without its hurdles, incorporating the zig-zag into the patterns while preserving our crafting made simple ideology took some time to develop. The result saw the introduction of a new stranded colourwork knitting technique, Fair Isle, to Stitch & Story kits.

In addition to celebrating the iconic zig-zag, Snoopy - and more specifically a Snoopy Amigurumi Crochet Kit - was integral to the Stitch & Story x Peanuts collection. Our small team worked incredibly hard during product development to create the beloved Snoopy shape in amigurumi. Particular attention was paid to the curve of the head and nose, and shaping of the eyes, and we’re so pleased with the final design and pattern.

Jen Hoang, Co-Founder of Stitch & Story: "The team have worked really hard in the background to launch the collection and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Snoopy and friends to the world of crafters!"

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading more about the process behind brand collaboration collections and how the Stitch & Story x Peanuts collection materialised. We love to see you bring these kits and the Peanuts gang to life so don’t forget to share your work in progress and finished items online using #stitchandstoryxpeanuts. To keep up to date with all the latest news on our ever-growing Peanuts collection, and exclusive launch offers follow us on Instagram.

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