Hooked On Crochet? Wool Knitting Be Mine?

Hooked On Crochet? Wool Knitting Be Mine?

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Hello crafters,

Happy Valentine’s Day! While many people around the world today are celebrating love we thought we’d share our true loves...knitting and crochet ❤️ At Stitch & Story we’re passionate about revamping knitting and crochet as simple, modern and aspirational skills. Sharing crafting has inspired us from day one, so today we’re introducing you to the team behind the name and letting them share their knitting and crochet love on this love filled day!


Jennifer - Co-founder, CEO

‘I love a great challenge and so I taught myself how to knit several years back. The more intricate a pattern was and the more stitches I got to learn, the more I loved knitting. Soon after, I also learned the therapeutic and rewarding benefits of knitting and I became hooked.

My favourite stitch is cabling because of the uniqueness of how it looks and yet how simple it is to cable stitch. My favourite S&S kit is the Bounty Throw because of all the various stitches you get to learn in one pattern, plus its super-cosy for the sofa! I have an Olive Pastel one in my home and my cat loves it too!’


Jen - Co-founder, Creative Director

‘I learnt how to knit back in school and I remember knitting swatches during break times. I then started knitting scarves for my friends, selling them for £10! My first scarf was actually a birthday gift to Jennifer and I had dropped a stitch and created this massive big hole - she said she couldn't notice it but I think she was being kind!

Learning to read patterns was a bit overwhelming. I only knew how to knit scarves and I really wanted to advance myself and knit stuffed toys - I didn't know how to read patterns at this point either! I gained a bit of confidence and taught myself how to knit on double pointed needles but that's when I truly grasped pattern reading. When you have a project in mind it really does get you focused! The pain of learning on my own sparked a desire to teach others and so S&S kits began.

I love doing the Personalised Mini Hat because I enjoy calligraphy and the visual art you create - and it's always fun doing baby names for your friends and family. I'm always drawn to warm colours and love our Sand Gold and Mustard Yellow yarns.’


Grace - Operations Assistant Manager

‘I remember being taught to knit at primary school and then watching my mum knit scarves and hats for us growing up. However, I had never properly followed a pattern until I started working at Stitch & Story. What began as testing out patterns and knitting samples has now become a passion. I’m hooked and knit whenever I can. I find it a very relaxing pastime and often knit in front of the telly late into the evenings.

I have now knit most of the Stitch & Story kits and my favourite has to be the Lola Pom Slippers. I just find these such an easy, quick knit using our soft, chunky merino yarn and have made a number of these as presents for my family. I'm not a very patient knitter, so I would really love to challenge myself and think that one of the S&S throws will be my next project!’


Kat - Customer Service

‘I have been crocheting for a very long time and really wanted to learn knitting too. After one of my nieces showed me how she can knit using pencils, and receiving a mug for Christmas that says 'I knit so I don't kill anyone' and a book with knitting and crochet patterns Hats for Cats, I couldn't delay it any longer and ordered a Stitch & Story kit for myself. I found the instructions and tutorials super helpful and the patterns were perfect for beginners. After a few more projects I started amending the patterns to my own preferences and since learning to knit with the S&S kits I haven't stopped knitting and kitting out myself, other half, home, family and friends. No one can escape!

Crochet I had learned as a child already. While I now prefer knitting for clothing, I still love crochet for it's portability and for homewares, plus toys.

My favourite S&S kits are the blankets, Bounty Throw (knitting) and Skye Tassel Throw (crochet), which get used pretty much every night on the sofa at home. It's amazing how effective simple stitch patterns can be when combined. And colours.... omg, where to start. Definitely Deep Sea Blue, Mustard Yellow, Empress Coral and Rich Plum - but to be honest, I love almost all of them.

I can't believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by wool and crafting every day of the week. I knit or crochet on most days and wear S&S woolly makes all the time. I absolutely love the Chunky Wool and sleep in one of my 3 pairs of bed socks/slippers every night of the year! Having always had cold feet, these have changed my life as I no longer have cold feet at night. This year I plan on using Lil’ Merino more, particularly to make clothing with, as the properties of merino should be just perfect for the ever changing British weather!’


Gemma - Logistics Coordinator

‘I’ve been working with Stitch & Story for only a few weeks and although I’ve always loved crafting, especially sewing and making my own clothes, I had never learned to knit. I remember my mum trying to teach me when I was little but I never got the hang of it.

So when I joined the team I went along to one of our London classes to learn the basics. Since then I have already knit the Lola Pom Slippers, a Miffy Hat and a Sprinkles Hat and I have discovered I really love knitting!!

The kits have been perfect for me, as a beginner, as they cover all the basics with simple instructions but they have always had something new to challenge and teach me. One of the things I love the most is the S&S chunky yarn and how soft it is and I already have plans to use it for my next project which is going to be a Luca Pom Hat. I just love how the stitches create a swirl pattern.’


Quay - Workshop Leader

‘I was never a particularly confident knitter and hadn't attempted anything more complicated than a tiny knitted square! Stitch & Story were really determined to make their projects super easy to follow and naturally I became a regular guinea pig for everything from the Luca Pom Hat to the Hadley Jumper. I became hooked on the super soft yarn and easy to wear garments and my confidence steadily grew.

I have since knitted several of their kits as treats for myself, as well as for friends and family, including the Lola Pom Slippers, Easy Slumber Socks, Sophie la girafe: Sophie's Hat and Mateusz Snood... it never gets old!

I now teach the knitting workshops on Saturday mornings, passing on the same skills that I learned through Stitch & Story and encouraging people who - like me once - either lacked confidence in knitting or who had never really thought to try it out.

I do my best to adapt the workshops to every individual and it's the best feeling to enable everybody, regardless of experience, to pick up a newfound creative skill that they will enjoy long after the workshop.  I always tell new knitters, 'If I can learn how to knit, anybody can!'’


Jude - Content Writer

‘Although I was taught to knit at school, which resulted in a particularly unattractive blue bear, I didn’t really discover my passion for the craft until my late 20’s. I had admired the skill of my grandmother and older sister but was more content with my sewing machine and fashion designer aspirations. A friend and I decided we needed a new creative hobby, good for our mental health, which led us to a Stitch & Story workshop. That was a couple of years ago and I haven’t put the needles down since. I love the health benefits of crafting and the added bonus of something you can use and admire when you’re done. My favourite technique is cabling and I love the variety of patterns you can create and the intricacy of designs; especially how different the same stitch can look when you use different sized needles or yarn.

I’ve knit over 25 Stitch & Story patterns at this point and have loved so many. I particularly enjoyed the Paris Playsuit and the challenge of knitting different components and picking up stitches. It had the added benefit of being a project for my niece and it brought me such joy to see her wear it. In my personal wardrobe I’m a lover of shades of white and grey so am always drawn to Stitch & Story’s yarns in that colour spectrum - the Lil’ Merino Pebble Grey and Chunky Wool Ivory White are favourites. However, I can’t help falling in love with all of S&S’s beautiful colours. Dust Pink is always in my yarn stash and I’m really liking the new Emerald Green Chunky Wool and Sand Gold Lil’ Merino. I started to learn crochet when Stitch & Story released their collection and have found the online tutorials invaluable. It still frustrates me at times, because I’m impatient to be as fast as I am at knitting, but practice makes perfect!’


We hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into our loves and that whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s it involves a bit of crafting love.

Happy crafting!