The Jolie Yarn and knitting and crochet pattern collection

It's All About Jolie

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One yarn, 12 patterns, and a very exciting Stitch & Story team photoshoot!

The Jolie Yarn & Pattern Collection

Meet the new kid! Jolie is our first 100% acrylic yarn, and comes with a collection of 12 playful knitting and crochet patterns. 

The Yarn

This chunky wonder is as soft and squishable as woolly yarns and, because it’s made of acrylic fibers, won’t felt in the wash! It’s an affordable yarn that really does the job in style. The gorgeous confetti of color throughout the yarn adds an exciting pop that will make any project come to life.

The Jolie acrylic chunky yarn at Stitch and Story

The Patterns

This collection is made up of 8 knitting and 4 crochet patterns to create a variety of garments and accessories. Each one is named after some of our favorite childhood games, and are just as fun to make!

The Jolie knitting and crochet pattern collection at Stitch and Story

Why We Love It

To celebrate the arrival of this collection, the Stitch & Story team hit the catwalk and modelled their favorite patterns! Read on to meet us, and find out more about why we love the Jolie collection:

Bobby, E-Commerce Administrator

Marbles Garter Sweater

"It feels like a perma-hug! I was happier just being in it, it's bright, and well shaped, so I felt kind of like a cloud"

The Marbles Garter Sweater knitting pattern at Stitch & Story

Dips Crochet Scarf 

"I liked how it looked, with the pastel colors and the crochet pattern texture, the closer you look at it, the more interesting it is."

Dips crochet scarf pattern by Stitch & Story

Carolina, Digital Marketing Executive

"I love how soft the yarn is, it's so soft! The accessories are super comfy and the colors of the garments are really nice. You can make so many cozy combinations"

Carolina is modelling the Hopscotch Crochet Scarf, and the Jacks Crochet Headband.

Hopscotch crochet scarf pattern by Stitch & Story
Jacks crochet headband pattern by Stitch & Story

Cyn, Head of Collections

Double Dutch Cropped Tee

"I like the cropped tee because it’s a light bit of knitwear that’s easy to throw over something else, which is perfectly in fashion with the layering trend! It’s a small enough piece for those less open to bright colors, making it the best way to add that dash of color into your wardrobe."

Double Dutch cropped tee knitting pattern by Stitch and Story

Gaëlle, Supply & Demand Planner

Hot Lava Infinity Scarf

"I loved the chunkiness of the yarn, which made it super cozy to wear, especially the scarf - you can properly wrap yourself up in it! It’s super soft, and at first guess you cannot imagine that it's not wool! It’s also very warm, just like wool. The summer fruit color is a treat for the eyes, a real pop to light any winter garment! I love the fact that it's a unisex knit, and that my boyfriend could just as well wear it. One garment for 2, it's genius haha!"

Hot Lava Infinity Scarf knitting pattern by Stitch and Story

Fadzi, Knitwear Assistant Designer

Hide n Seek Trapper Hat

"I like that there’s a variety of colors and the feel of it. All the garments have a luxurious, soft, and warm feeling. Ideal for beginners who want to dip into knitting."

Hide n Seek trapper hat knitting pattern by Stitch and Story

Beth, Digital Designer

Sticky Toffee Scarf

"Can I please make everything out of this Pastel Rainbow yarn from now on? It’s SO soft and cloud-like, and super on-trend!"

Sticky Toffee scarf knitting pattern by Stitch and Story 

Gemma, Graphic Designer

Leapfrog Raglan Cardigan

"I love how the Jolie yarn has irregular speckles of color, so each garment is full of personality and no two would look alike. I modelled the Leapfrog Raglan Cardigan at the shoot. I loved how cozy and oversized it was. The yarn was soft, and thick, meaning it would also make a great alternative to a lightweight jacket."

Leapfrog Raglan Cardigan knitting pattern by Stitch & Story

Chrissy, Brand & Licensing Commercial Director

Tag Crew Sweater

"I love the way the color speckles in the yarn fell into the garment when knitted, to create beautiful and unique patterns. Each garment or accessory you create will be completely personalized to you, and each time it will come out distinctively different!"

Tag Crew Sweater knitting pattern by Stitch & Story

Wen, Customer Care 

Conkers Pom Pom Hat

"I think it's lovely. The colors are very cute (I loved the pink one specifically) and the yarn is very soft and warm. The pom pom hat is super adorable, I might make another!"

Conkers pom pom hat knitting pattern by Stitch and Story

Irene, Image Coordinator

Tic Tac Toe Crochet Headband

“The perfect headband: Jolie is the softest yarn, which makes it nice and cozy for your ears, and it’s such a snug fit. Also, the scrunch detail makes it fun to style!”

Tic Tac Toe crochet headband pattern by Stitch and Story


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