Make A Hat Day knitting and crochet kits

Make A Hat Day

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You can never have too many hats! Celebrate Make A Hat Day by crafting yourself (and your friends) some woolly headwear. 

Make A Hat Day

Knitting and crochet hat kits

Why not use this day of crafting to flex your creative muscles and make some truly unique headwear? Customize your hat by making a pom pom, or whip up some hat-shaped gifts! Here are some our top knitting and crochet hat kits to get you started:

Knitting and crochet hat kits for new crafters

Luca Pom Hat 

Shop the Luca Pom Knitting Kit at Stitch & Story

Napoli Crochet Beanie

Shop the Napoli Beanie crochet kit

Sprinkles Hat Twinning Set

Shop the Sprinkles Hat Twinning Set knitting kit

Lucca Bucket Hat

Shop the Lucca Bucket hat crochet kit


Knitting and crochet hat kits for experienced crafters

Firenze Beret

Shop the Firenze Beret knitting kit

Parker Staghorn Beanie

Shop the Parker Staghorn Beanie knitting kit

Watson Cable Beanie

Shop the Watson Cable Beanie knitting kit

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