Stitch & Story cross stitch kits

Stitch & Story's Next Adventure: Cross stitch

Cross Stitch  |  2 min read time

Find out more about our cross stitch collections, and why we’re sew excited for the arrival of this new craft!

Stitch & Story’s cross stitch kits

Cross stitch has arrived, and is ready to become your treasure map into craft. Our kits have all the materials you need, with hoops ready to hang and instructions as simple as X marks the spot. Finding your way is as easy as threading the needle and coloring in, so you can go from those first-step stitches to de-stressing in a few rows. No tricky methods or losing count. Just a mindful moment of me-time, any time. 


Stitch & Story cross stitch kits 

Why cross stitch?

Of all the crafts in the world, why did we choose cross stitch for our next adventure? It begins and ends with our mission to make crafting simple. If you’ve never crafted before, and are looking for something that’s a bit simpler than knitting or crochet, cross stitch is the perfect place to start. Seasoned knitters and crocheters can try their hand at something new with these kits too! Each all-in-one kit comes with a handy cross stitch guide to show you the ropes, it’s as easy as hoop, thread, and sew.

One of the other things we love about cross stitch is how perfectly portable it is. You can put it down then pick it up right where you left off with no worries about which row you were on. Take your hoop and threads on your adventures - train rides, sofa days, beach trips (lucky you!).

Each cross stitch collection comes in a variety of designs and ways to express yourself. Choose a design that’s ‘a bit of you’, and find the joy in bringing it to life stitch by stitch, row by row. Or gift a kit to a friend and spend some quality time crafting together.

With our club kits as your guide, you can discover your favorite, fun-loving characters and watch them come to life with each stitch. Take a trip down memory lane with the Peanuts family or let Pusheen’s bright affirmations put a little feel-good in your journey. Mix, match and sew off who you are. Then hang it, frame it, or tack it on your tote bag!

The Collections

Stitch & Story: Find Your Club

​​You’ll be able to sew off who you are with our club kits, featuring 6 original designs that are all about finding a common thread with other makers, as well as the characters you connect with.


Stitch & Story cross stitch kits


Pusheen knows that crafting and self-care go paw in paw. You’ll be able to take a little time to switch off, and focus on you, with this collection of 8 designs, each one full of pawsitivity and motivation!


Pusheen cross stitch kits


Charles M. Schulz’s iconic duo, Snoopy and Woodstock, will brighten your day, and have you doing your own happy dance, with 6 classic designs for you to create.


Peanits snoopy and woodstock cross stitch kits


Hello Kitty x Pusheen

These loveable characters were the first kits to bring a new craft to Stitch & Story! Celebrate their friendship with 6 adorable designs to collect and create - they’re easy to pick up, and too enjoyable to put down!


Hello Kitty and Pusheen cross stitch kits

Craft is a club everyone can join...

...and cross stitch is your route in! Any time, anywhere, wherever you’re starting from. Discover creativity in your hands and a common thread with other makers. Needle down, feel-good up, as you think I made this. Who knows where craft will take you next?


Stitch & Story cross stitch kits

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