Stitch & Story in Top 200 Female Powered Businesses

Stitch & Story in Top 200 Female Powered Businesses

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This week J.P. Morgan published their Top 200 Female Powered Businesses list - and Stitch & Story was featured! 

With over 6,000 growing companies in the UK led by women, the report analyses the opportunities and challenges for women in business, and gives an insight into the effects of COVID-19 on women, and their place in business. Female-powered businesses make up 42% of the high-growth companies in the craft industries sector, and Stitch & Story is one of them! 

“Female business-leaders still face huge challenges - especially in areas of connections, business support, skills and education, and access to finance,” our founder, Jennifer Lam says. “It’s great to see more recognition for female-founded businesses and more work being done to raise the profile of women in business.”

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Female-powered businesses raised over £2.3bn in 2020, a 41% increased on 2019
  • Of the 200 businesses listed, 114 have a female leader, and 107 have management teams that are composed of at least half female managers. 
  • Scotland has the highest portion of female-powered companies (22%)

If you’re interested, you can read the full report here.