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Susanne Ng & the Pusheen Cookbook

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The creator of possibly the cutest bakes in the world, shares her journey with us.

These bakes might seem too lovely to eat, but trust us when we say they taste as good as they look! Read on to meet the baker behind the amazing Pusheen cookbook, Susanne Ng, and discover some top tips for creating your own Pusheen bakes.

Hi Susanne! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to love baking?

I stumbled upon my love for baking totally by chance after I quit my job as a research scientist to take care of my young children. I picked up baking to make healthier snacks for my children, and found it was such a joy to make sweet treats for loved ones! Very soon, I was combining my love for experiments with my newfound passion for baking. My plushie deco chiffon cakes went viral on social media in 2016 and this was followed by the Pusheen cookbook - and many more opportunities and classes to share my joy of baking!

The Pusheen cookbook and Pusheen Patisserie cross stitch kit

What are the things you love most about Pusheen?

Everything! I love that Pusheen is so adorable, cuddly, and relatable (loves to snack and chill!). Her antics never fail to make me smile, and I love that Pusheen is caring and shares with siblings and friends around her! 

Do you have a favorite recipe from the book?

I have many favorites but the special one that makes me smile the most is the Pusheen Shaker Cookies. They are so cute, and most importantly were recreated by many bakers and Pusheen lovers around the world. That brought us so much joy!

The Pusheen cookbook and Pusheen Patisserie cross stitch kits

What advice would you give to a new baker looking to make something from the Pusheen cookbook?

The Pusheen cookbook has recipes of different difficulty levels, from easy to those looking for a challenge. I would recommend the new baker to try out those with easy ratings first. Remember that practice makes perfect!

About Susanne
About Dr Susanne Ng

Dr. Susanne Ng is a scientist-turned-chef based in Singapore. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and making delicious, cute treats. She is the founder of Deco Chiffon Cakes, and her creations have been featured in media outlets all over the world. You can find her on Instagram @susanne.decochiffon

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