Travelling with knitting and crochet projects

Travelling with Knitting and Crochet Projects

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Whether you’re travelling by plane, train, or automobile, here are our top tips to help you craft on the go.

Tips for travelling with craft projects

Are you looking to pass the time while in the passenger seat? We’re here to help you plan your craft projects for the journey. From what to pack, to perfectly portable knitting and crochet kits, you’ll get from A to B with ease.

Hello Kitty x Pusheen crafting bag for knitting and crochet projects

What do I need to pack for my knitting or crochet project?

Needles and hooks

When it comes to knitting needle length, keep it short if you’re using single point needles - or even switch and work on circular needles instead. This makes sure you can craft without worrying about elbowing anyone!

Your pattern

Whether it’s a print out, leaflet, or downloaded on your tablet, make sure you have it! It's always handy to pack a pen too, so you can mark off which part you’re up to. If you’re using your tablet device - make sure the pattern is available offline in case you lose signal on your train or car journey, or have to switch on airplane mode when you’re flying.


If you’re travelling by plane, you’ll need to ensure the length of your scissors complies with airport security guidelines. Small pairs of scissors with a blade no longer than 5cm are usually fine to have in your carry on baggage.

Sewing needle

It’s always handy to pack a couple of sewing needles if you think you’ll be finishing a project while on your journey - you’ll have a spare just in case you drop one! If you’ll be flying then opting for plastic sewing needles is the safer option.

Other accessories

Stitch markers, tape measure, scrap yarns, it all adds up, so make sure you have a handy craft pouch to store your crafting essentials and make it easy to find everything you need.

How should I pack my yarn?

We’d recommend separating the yarns needed for your project; keeping only the yarn you’ll need for your journey in your project bag, and packing the rest in your checked baggage or any bags you have packed in the back of the car, or train luggage store. That way you won’t have yarns rolling down the aisle or tangling up!

If your project uses a hank of yarn, you should wind that into a ball before starting your journey, separating it into two smaller balls if you don’t think you’ll need all of it while travelling.

Can I take knitting needles and crochet hooks on a plane?

This is possibly the biggest question on every crafter’s lips! The answer is not a simple one unfortunately. Each airline has their own guidance on whether you are permitted to carry knitting needles or crochet hooks on the plane, so the first step would be to check your airline’s FAQ page. Next, there’s a mix of experiences crafters have had when it comes to getting through airport security with their knitting needles and crochet hooks. We’d recommend travelling with wooden or plastic needles and hooks, avoiding metal where possible, and using point protectors for the tips of your knitting needles. Carry some scrap yarn with you too - if airport security do decide to confiscate your needles, you can transfer your stitches safely onto the scrap yarn so you don’t lose your place in your project.

Kits for crafting while you travel

Hello Kitty x Pusheen: Pusheen Keyring Set

This small crochet project is perfectly portable and won’t take too long to complete - you might have a finished set by the time you reach your final destination!

Hello Kitty x Pusheen amigurumi crochet keyring kit
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Alfie Wristwarmers Knitting Kit

A particularly great choice of project if you’re travelling to cooler climates, or if you need to make a quick gift on the way!

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Sophie la girafe: Mini Mittens and Booties Knitting Kit

This kit comes with short length, wooden needles - making it great for knitting on any form of transport! Mini projects such as patterns for babies and kids are perfect for travelling.

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Hello Kitty Bumble Bee Amigurumi Crochet Kit

Amigurumi projects make for great travel companions as they’re broken down into crocheting individual components - pick a section of your project to work on depending on the length of your journey!

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Lola Pom Slippers Knitting Kit

The short needles included in this kit make this project wonderfully travel-sized, and only 1 ball of chunky wool is needed, so you can pack light!

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