Maggie Round Rug Knitting Kit


Maggie Round Rug Knitting Kit

Stormy Grey
Ivory White

Level: Easy+

This circular rug is knitted flat on single-pointed needles and makes a contemporary addition to your home. Combined with a centre-swirl pattern and tassels, you'll have a fun project that knits up in no time. The Maggie Round Rug Knitting Kit uses S&S The Chunky Wool giving it a sumptuously soft feel!

Size of rug measures approx. 90 cm (35.4") in diameter.

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Each kit includes:

  • 5 x 100g S&S The Chunky Wool (100% merino wool)
  • Pair of US size 17 (12mm) bamboo knitting needles, long (13.8" / 35cm)*
  • Maggie Round Rug pattern
  • Sewing needle
  • Basic knitting instructions

*Optional - If you are buying the kit without needles please ensure you have at least 13.8" / 35cm long needles!