What’s inside each Stitch & Story kit?

100% merino wool

Spun from sustainable merino wool our yarns are super soft like candy floss. In chunky weights, you’ll knit/crochet something up in no time.

Easy-to-follow pattern

With beautifully illustrated, clear instructions guiding you through each stage we’ve made following a knitting/crochet pattern easier than ever.

“How to” knit/crochet basic guides

Designed for the complete beginner our step-by-step illustrated guides teach you how to master the basics.

Our signature gift bag

Stylish, practical and recyclable, our beautiful packaging doesn’t require gift wrap. Perfect for the gifting season.

Sewing needle

For those all-important finishing touches

100% bamboo knitting needles or crochet hook

Smooth, strong, flexible, lightweight and warm to the touch. A renewable, eco-friendly material; ideal for beginners, great for the environment. (If you already have the required needles/hook you can choose your kit without these.)

Some kits come with a faux fur pom, woven labels (Sophie la girafe and Miffy) or other items needed to complete your project. You can find a list of all items included on the product listing.

Learn to knit/crochet with our clear and concise tutorials you’ll want to watch again and again. Access anytime, anywhere.

Tracking my shipment

The delivery time depends on where you're located. Our warehouse is based in London, United Kingdom, and you can find details of delivery times here. All orders are being dispatched from London, UK.

Once your order has been processed you should receive an email with a link. After the order has been dispatched, updates will appear via the link in this email.

The Royal Mail website may show "unable to track delivery" as sometimes the updates only appear after the first scan at time of delivery.

We aim to prepare your goods for dispatch within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Tracking information usually starts appearing once the order has been dispatched and scanned into the postal or courier network for the first time. This also depends on the shipping option chosen for your order. For example "Royal Mail Standard Delivery 2nd Class" will only show updates once the first attempt to deliver your order has been made. 

If it has been longer than expected per our Delivery Information for your destination or you received no email with tracking details yet, please email us at hello@stitchandstory with your order number so that our team can check this for you.

Once your order has been dispatched you should receive an email with tracking information. Depending on your location it will now take a few days for the order to arrive. Please check our Delivery Information page for a list of transit times to your destination. If this time has passed and you still haven't received your order, please reach out to our team at hello@stitchandstory.com for help.

Occasionally delays can occur, for example due to postal strikes, bad weather, and delays at local customs offices, that are out of our control. We will try our best to get up to date information about your shipment should it be caught up in any unexpected delays. 

Postage Fees

Please check our Delivery Information page for your destination.

Currently all our shipments are posted from our warehouse in London (UK). We are hoping to be able to supply our kits and yarns from more warehouses in the future and are busy working towards this goal to make it quicker and cheaper for you.

Standard International Tracked Shipping means your order will be dispatched via the standard postal service, Royal Mail in the UK, and delivered by their partner service in your country. 

When you choose Express delivery by DHL, the transit time is not only quicker, you will also receive a shipping notification by email and/or SMS about your shipment’s progress and estimated delivery. Plus you can change how, where and when the delivery takes place. DHL offer flexible delivery options such as deliver my package to an alternative address, hold my package at a DHL ServicePoint for pick‐up, or deliver my package on a different day. 

In summary, if you need more flexibility, visibility and speed, then Express DHL Tracked Shipping is the best option. 

If you are placing an order, and the delivery destination is outside the UK then you may be required to pay VAT, taxes, duties and admin charges where applicable.

VAT, duties and taxes imposed by custom authorities differ in each destination country. Please contact your local customs authority to check any charges, duties and taxes. We cannot take responsibility for these charges.

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, some orders will be liable to customs duties, depending on your location and order value. If you are unsure if your order will incur a customs duty payment, please check the import specifications for your country. As this is out of our control and government imposed, we cannot advise on these details and recommend checking the current rules regularly.

Cancelling / Changing my order

Due to the quick turnaround of our warehouse, 99% of the time we are unable to amend or cancel orders once they have been placed. This is because once placed the order information is sent over to our warehouse straight away.

If you have placed an order by mistake or if there is a part of your order you would like to return, you can use our free returns service, and we can either exchange or refund your order as requested. Please see our Returns Policy for full details and instructions.


PDF Patterns are digital downloads that are automatically sent to you after you proceed through checkout. For this reason, we do not accept cancellations or process refunds for digital items.

If you cancel an order within 14 days that includes a PDF Pattern you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase less the cost of the PDF(s). We are unable to refund PDF patterns.

If you receive a PDF pattern as part of a promotion and wish to cancel your order, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase, less the original cost of the PDF.  

Returns & Refunds

Please post your order to: 

Stitch & Story
Optima Park, Thames Road
United Kingdom

You can find full instructions in our Returns Policy

Yes, please post the items you wish to return to our warehouse. Once we have received your shipment we will process the refund for the returned items. This should then appear in your account within 3-5 working days. You can find full instructions in our Returns Policy

Please post your order to our warehouse. Once we have received your order we will process the refund. This should appear in your account within 3-5 working days. You can find full instructions in our Returns Policy

Unless the shipped items were faulty, or the wrong items shipped by our team, the original shipping cost cannot be refunded. You can find details in our Returns Policy

The multi pack has to be returned as a complete pack. We can’t refund an incomplete multipack, unless the yarn is faulty, of course. You can find full instructions in our Returns Policy


Please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com to confirm the replacement kit, shade and lot number etc. are available. Once the exchange has been confirmed you can return your order to our warehouse and include the order details and printed email exchange with our customer service team. Our warehouse team will dispatch the items you’d like to swap once your shipment has arrived in our warehouse. You can find full instructions in our Returns Policy

We won't be able to swap the pattern unless you return the complete and unopened kit. You could check if the pattern you would like to use instead is available as a downloadable pattern on our website. You could then use the PDF pattern with the yarn you already have.

Should you need any help completing the project you initially ordered, please have a look at our video tutorialstips and feel free to reach out to our team at hello@stitchandstory.com. We’re happy to help.


Our Knitting Workshops are held on Saturdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm in the heart of London at Covent Garden:

Farmstand Cafe

42 Drury Lane

London, WC2B 5AJ

You can find more details and book your workshop here

This year we focus our Beginners’ Workshops on knitting. 

Our workshops are aimed at beginners and cover all the basic knitting instructions from cast on, knit, purl to cast off in our 2 hour workshops. If some knitters want to advance more, we can cover different stitch patterns and recommend knitting kit projects. Our teachers will have several patterns available for purchase on the day. You can choose from a scarf, hat, gloves, baby booties and more. 

Definitely. We teach in small groups so that we can focus on the basics as well as individual interests. If you have specific questions, feel free to speak to our workshop team. We’re happy to recommend suitable projects for your level after having a chat with you on site to find out what would suit you best.

Please follow the link to BOOK NOW on our website. You will then be asked to select the date and ticket type before entering your contact and payment details.

We can book your NOTHS voucher for you. Please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with the voucher code, participants and chosen date. We will then confirm the workshop for you.

The workshop bookings can’t be cancelled but we are happy to change the date for you. Just reach out to our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with your booking reference, and the date you’d like to change your booking to. As long as we have availability on that date we will be happy to change this for you. Please do let us know at least 72 hours before the workshop so that we can make the change in time. 

Please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with your booking reference, workshop date and specific requirements. While we cannot guarantee there will be suitable snacks available, we will check and try our best to ensure something will be available for you.

Knitting Tips

Both are made using the same method of alternating between knit 1 and purl 1. 

For moss stitch you build knit stitches above purl stitches, and purl stitches above knit stitches so that the v’s and bars alternate.

For Rib Stitch you want to have v’s above v’s row after row, and bars above bars row after row.

You can watch our video tutorials for Moss Stitch and Rib Stitch to compare both. 

There are many ways of casting on and it's all down to preference of the knitter. In our Beginners' Knitting Workshop we teach without the twist just because we found it to be easier for completely new knitters. However, you can cast on with the twist and this will give a nicer finish.

You can watch our Cast On video tutorial for full instructions. 

Crochet Tips

We recommend crochet hooks size 4.5mm to 8mm for our Lil' Merino Wool, and 6.5mm to 15mm for our The Chunky Wool.

The crochet hook size will determine the density of the finished project. For example for Miffy we want a relatively tight or dense fabric and use smaller hooks. For a large throw like our Skye Tassel Throw using a large hook size gives an almost lace like pattern. 

The easiest way is to count the stitches you have made in your row. For example your project requires 10 sts in the current row and you have only done 9 so far, you will know one more is required. Sometimes the last stitch curls slightly so tilt your project around to check if a 'v' is still waiting to be stitched into. 

Watching our video tutorials will help compare your work to the samples shown and help you count out the stitches, e.g. for Double Crochet

You can use stitch markers, or weave your yarn tail or contrast yarn into your work, flipping it back and forth before starting a new round. This will make counting rounds easier and help if you need to undo some stitches or rows. Once you have finished you can easily remove the stitch markers or pull out the contrast yarn gently.

Why is my yarn...

You can find more information about why there are knots in the merino wool in this blog post

Sometimes this is caused by knitting a bit too tightly and can be solved by knitting a bit more loosely (or using bigger sized needles). Should your yarn split, it can simply be rejoined by tying a small knot. It will not affect the finished project and is similar to joining a new yarn ball to your project.

While the yarn goes through a strict quality control process, natural products like our Merino wool are susceptible to some variations. Each batch can be slightly different in colour and thickness as each batch of wool takes to the process of spinning and dyeing slightly differently.  We highly recommend to always buy enough yarn in the same lot number for the project you are planning so that you don’t run out of yarn and have to continue with a new lot number.

While the yarn goes through a strict quality control process, natural products like our Merino wool are susceptible to some variations. Each batch can be slightly different in colour and thickness as each batch of wool takes to the process of spinning and dyeing slightly differently. We highly recommend to always buy enough yarn in the same lot number for the project you are planning so that you don’t run out of yarn and have to continue with a new lot number. 

The Drop Lay scarf is knitted in stocking stitch which naturally curls on the edge and is one of the hardest to control. The Drop Lay scarf was designed with this in mind and is intended to wear with it curling. Some of the product images on our website shows it flat to demonstrate the drop stitch pattern.

Caring for my finished project

Our recommendation is to always wash wool by hand.

The Chunky Wool should be washed by hand only as it will felt in the washing machine.

Our Lil' Merino Wool can go in the washing machine, on a cold wool cycle without spinning. Unfortunately there is no guarantee as each washing machine is slightly different.

Hand washing will keep your knitted and crocheted items in best shape and last for many years. The advantage of merino wool is that it won't need washing very often. You can find our tips on washing merino wool in this blog post

Yes, our The Chunky Wool can be used for felting. 

Both our Lil' Merino Wool and The Chunky Wool will felt in the washing machine, especially at higher temperatures. 

Patterns and Symbols

Please email your order number / proof of purchase to hello@stitchandstory and our team will try their best to help you out.

In our knitting patterns the * means you should repeat "from here". The instructions would usually say to " repeat from * twice more " meaning you do the stitches a total of 3 times.

For example: *p1, k2, repeat from *twice more.

This would mean you do p1, k2 and then repeat this same sequence two more times.

To expand the instructions, you will actually be doing: p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k2

In our crochet patterns the instructions within * and * mean you should repeat this section.

For example: Repeat 3 times * dc6, dec *.

This would mean you do dc6, dec three times in a row.

To expand the instructions, you will actually be doing: dc6, dec, dc6, dec, dc6, dec

Example:             1st Row: [k1, p6, k4, p6], [k1, p7, k4, p7], [k1, p6, k4, p6, k1].

These [ brackets ] require no specific action and instead are intended to make it easier to follow the pattern and keep track of where in this row you are.

This abbreviation is used for creating cable patterns. We have given brief instructions in the patterns that call for cabling.

Our video tutorial shows the example for "cb6". Depending on which number is showing in the pattern instructions, you would slip half of the sts indicated onto your cable needle, e.g. for cb4 you would slip 2 sts, for cb8 you would slip 4 sts onto the cable needle etc. 

Example: knit 1 stitch, purl 6 stitches, cb4: [ Slip 2 stitches onto a cable needle and hold at back of work. Knit 2 stitches from left-hand needle, then knit the next 2 stitches off the cable needle ], purl 6 stitches.

We have video tutorials and tips on our website that should explain the basic techniques and different stitches and help you understand the patterns. If you need more help, please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with a brief description and the pattern you are working on.

If you’re totally stuck and need someone to have a look at your project, please send us an email to hello@stitchandstory.com with a short explanation of what you need help with and a photo of your project. Our team will be happy to have a look for you. 

Some of our projects come as kits only and some can either be purchased as kits or the pattern downloaded without ordering yarn, needles etc. You can find all the patterns we sell as PDFs on our website. If the pattern you are after is available as a kit only, you could purchase the kit without needles and possibly make another item for yourself or someone else with the yarn in the kit.

You could try blocking your work. There are instructions in most patterns on how to block your work. This will relax the fibres and allow you to stretch your project to size gently.

Alternatively you could use slightly larger needles for the pattern, e.g. 9mm needles instead of 8mm. Only go slightly larger to avoid the texture becoming too loose. Please keep in mind that this will require more yarn for the same project. It might be best to have an additional ball available in the same shade and lot number before starting your project on larger knitting needles.

Another alternative – and by far the trickiest – would be to amend the pattern following the same increases and sequences as shown for the small, medium and large size. This will require a bit of experience and trial and error to work. This will also require more wool to make the larger version of the same pattern. 

As our designs are protected, they can't be sold as finished products. Of course you can make presents for your friends and family, however the finished products cannot be sold. 

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions, in particular the section about Copyright. 

Discount Codes

You may be able to find your discount code in your email inbox. If you just signed up to receive Stitch & Story emails you might find the first email in your spam folder. If you still cannot locate it, please contact our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with details of the discount and where you had seen it. We will try our best to help.

Your order may not have qualified for the discount you're trying to use. Depending on the voucher code you have, there may have been an expiry date, minimum order amount, or the voucher has already been used and is ‘one use only’. Please check the terms & conditions for your discount code to confirm if the code can be applied to your order. 

If you still need help, please email us at hello@stitchandstory.com with your order number, discount code and any error message you may have encountered. 

Please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with the voucher code and your order number. While we cannot guarantee it can be applied, we will be happy to check this for you. 

One discount code can be used per order. You could save the 2nd discount code for another order in the future. Just check the expiry date to ensure you don’t lose out.  

Please check that the discount code you have is still valid and your order qualifies (e.g. there might be a minimum spend or it may apply to certain products). Once confirmed, enter the code in the field as shown and your order total should update once the discount code has been accepted.

On your desktop it should look like this

Ordering from a mobile device should look like this.

Newsletter, Our Crafters' Stories and Social Media

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We love to celebrate everyone’s stories by highlighting our customers' aspirations and challenges, and ultimately sharing that wonderful sense of accomplishment you get from crafting something from scratch. We share Our Crafters' Stories on our Blog and Newsletter with the hope of inspiring others to learn a new skill and/or share their craft. Please email our team at marketing@stitchandstory.com who will shoot over some questions.

Please email our team at marketing@stitchandstory.com for further details. We have a list of questions prepared for anyone who is featured on our blog and usually it will be from that we draft up your personal story. In addition we would love to share photos of your S&S projects, of course.

We would love to see your projects on social media. Please tag us using #stitchandstory to share your makes with us and fellow crafters.


We post any open positions to our website and share in our newsletter when we’re looking for new S&S team members. If you spot a position you are interested in, please follow the steps in the job post to apply.

We post any open positions to our website and share in our newsletter when we’re looking for new S&S team members. The website post and newsletter article will provide information how to apply.

We are currently not able to offer work experience. However any available internship positions will be advertised on our website and in our newsletter with instructions on how to apply.

Other Questions

Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

Metric   -   US Size

 5mm      -     8

 8mm      -    11

10mm     -   15

12mm     -   17

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Metric   -   US Size

4.5mm   -    7

6.5mm   -    K/10.5

 8mm     -    L/11

12mm    -    O/17

15mm    -    P/Q

We recommend to always buy enough wool to complete a planned project as we cannot guarantee the same lot number will still be available when purchased later on. However if you do need a batch to match, just email our customer service team at hello@stitchandstory.com and we will be happy to check availability for you. 

While we cross check all kits and all parcels before they leave our warehouse, mistakes can happen unfortunately. Please email our team at hello@stitchandstory.com with your order number or proof of purchase and which component is missing in your kit. All products are packed by hand in house and we try our very best to ensure each kit and parcel is complete before going on it's journey to you. Should a component be missing, please let us know and we'll post it to you asap. 

Occasionally kits and patterns can change, and the components or wool quantities might have to be amended. No matter how many testers have made a new project, variations can crop up, or feedback received may lead to an item being reviewed and amended. We value all feedback from our customers and if you have any questions about your kit, or want to share your feedback about a project you've made, please message us at hello@stitchandstory.com

Pre-ordering is not possible, however we usually announce in our newsletter as soon as these items are available again.

Sometimes it will only take a few days until new stock arrives, however occasionally it can take a little longer.

Could you please email sales@stitchandstory.com with your trade query including required quantity so that our sales team can provide further details.

Natural fibres, like wool, by nature are more sustainable than artificial fibres for various reasons. Sustainable processing means less, or no, chemicals are required to process wool and other natural fibres. It also means that the negative environmental impact is kept to a minimum when rearing sheep, tending to the land, and spinning and dyeing the wool. Wool products tend to last longer than items made from artificial fibres, and require less washing, saving water. Once a merino item is worn out, and ready to be disposed off, it will biodegrade within only months, whereas artificial fibres can take decades or even longer to decompose. Among many other benefits, this is a very brief overview of what makes the merino wool sustainable. Our merino wool is also 100% mulesing free, which means a much more humane way of raising merino sheep - without cruelty.

All our S&S wool is mulesing-free. 

You can find our contact details here. Feel free to ask us for help or share your feedback and suggestions with our team.