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How to
knit a

If you're looking to start your crafting journey, a scarf is the perfect project. You'll find everything you'll need to learn the basics of knitting right here!

Firstly, why make a swatch?

Even though we’re all knitting and purling in the same way, some people’s stitches are tighter and others’ are looser. This can affect the size of the item you’re making. A swatch is a square piece of knitting used to work out whether you’re knitting as tightly - or as loosely! - as a pattern describes.

Read more about swatching over on our blog.

9 easy steps to knitting your own scarf

Follow the videos to learn how to make a scarf with whatever yarn you choose.
Don't have any yarn yet? Why not try our The Chunky Wool paired with our 8mm Bamboo Needles.
We suggest watching the videos a couple of times, and remember, practice makes perfect!

What you will need to knit your own scarf

Yarn, knitting needles and a sewing needle to weave in the ends.

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What next?

Take your next step with one of our Beginner kits, and master more techniques with our video tutorials.