How to Create a Purl Stitch (p) - Knitting Tutorial

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Abbreviation: p

The purl stitch is the second basic stitch to learn. Combined with knit stitches it creates various stitch patterns. A stitch that is purled will have a bump as its base. In this video we will show you how to create a purl stitch.

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Tip: Ensure when knitting purl stitches, working yarn is always at the front of your work.

1) Insert right needle downwards through the front of the first stitch. Ensure right needle is in the front.
2) With yarn in front, wrap it anti-clockwise around tip of right needle.
3) With tip of right needle, draw a loop by going up through and out of the left stitch, bringing right needle away from you.
4) Slide the left stitch off its needle. Tighten yarn. You have created your first purl stitch on your right needle.
5) Repeat 1-4 until row is finished.
6) To start a new row, hold work in your left hand and repeat steps, ensuring working yarn is at the front.

And that’s how you create a purl stitch!