Melknitsthings - A Story Maker

Melknitsthings - A Story Maker

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Meet our January Story Maker - Melanie @ Melknitsthings.

Stitch & Story believes that every maker has a unique story to tell when it comes to their crafting journey. The richness built and woven into every stitch of their project tells a personal story that we want to highlight and share with our community.


Photo showing a woman, Mel, in the snow wearing a pink beanie made with Stitch & Story The Chunky Wool.


1. Please tell us a little about yourself, your profession, where you are from and what's your life journey been.

My name is Melanie. I was born in a small town in Alberta, Canada and I have never really ventured very far from there. When I was 19 I moved to the closest city,  Edmonton, Alberta and have lived here ever since. I met my loving partner and we have 3 beautiful children together and 2 chubby cats. I have a full time job as a retail manager, but often spend my evenings curled up with my knitting and cats. 


2. When did you first learn to craft? How did you pick it up?

As a child I often saw my mom or my grandma knitting, so it's no surprise my mom taught me how to knit when I was fairly young - probably around the age of 10, but I never really became interested until I had kids of my own. I was unable to properly interpret images in books when trying to learn new stitches, so when I discovered  video tutorials,  I got really excited. I went from only making flat pieces like blankets and scarfs, to knitting mittens, toques and even little stuffed toys for my kids. My favourite thing to knit are hats...toques as we call them in my neck of the woods. I love the instant gratification as they work up quickly and I can learn new stitches, then apply my new skills on the next piece.


An image showing close up someone knitting a hat on circular knitting needles.


3. Do you have a go-to craft choice or it's pretty evenly split?

More recently I picked up crocheting by watching YouTube videos, but knitting will always have my heart. I enjoy learning new things and am often thinking about the next project, while still working on the first. I'm pretty sure I have more yarn than I can knit in a lifetime but that doesn't stop me from buying more. I just can't resist a nice squishy super bulky yarn.


4. What was your first Stitch & Story project?

My first stitch and story project was probably my heart hat.  It was close to Valentine's day last year and the pink and cream were just calling to me. I knit up a basic hat and then double knit the pink heart, paired it with a pink pom and I absolutely love it! It's currently close to -40 Celsius out here so it's no surprise winter gear is my jam. 


A photo showing a white beanie with a pink heart detail and pink pompom on it. Next to the beanie is a cup of tea and 3 balls of Stitch & Story The Chunky Wool.


5. Do you have any 2024 crafting resolution/intentions?

In 2024 I intend to knit more, finish what I start and buy the good yarn. Life's too short to knit with bad yarn. I love scrolling through Instagram and finding new makers to follow and connect with over a shared passion. 2024 I hope to inspire others to take up a craft of their own and maybe garner the courage to sell some of my own pieces.


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