Crochet stitch and crochet hook conversion tables

Crochet Conversion Tables

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Is your double crochet from the UK, or the US? What’s a size J crochet hook? We’ve got the answers right here.

Crochet Conversion Tables


When it comes to hook sizes and crochet stitches, there can be some differences in the terminology used, depending on where in the world you’re crafting! So we’ve put together a simple guide to help make sure you’ve got all your hooks and stitches in a row (or in the round).

Crochet Hook Sizes

The majority of modern-day crochet patterns will use a metric hook size (given in millimeters), but occasionally you may find patterns that use the American letter or number sizing system. The higher the metric, letter, or number, the larger the circumference of the hook shaft will be.


Crochet hook sizes conversion table



UK vs US Crochet Stitches

Why are UK and US crochet terminologies different? Well, the UK terminology refers to the number of loops on your hook, whereas the US terminology refers to the number of yarn overs you make when working a stitch. 

This means the first main stitch in UK crochet is the double crochet, as there are 2 loops on your hook before you pull your yarn through and close the stitch. This is called a single crochet in US terminology, as only one yarn over is made when working the stitch, before pulling the yarn through the loops on your hook.

All Stitch & Story crochet patterns are written in US terminology.


UK to US Crochet Stitches conversion table


Top Tip: Always check which terminology your crochet pattern is written in, to ensure you work the stitches correctly. One way to do this is to take a look at the stitches used in the pattern: If there are single crochets, the pattern is written in US terminology.


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