Foundation Chain: Working into Both Sides

Foundation Chain: Working into Both Sides

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Tutorial Overview

Crochet usually begins with a series of chain stitches called a foundation chain. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to work into both sides of a foundation chain to create an oval shaped base. You will find this technique in amigurumi patterns, as an alternative to the round base created with a magic ring. 


Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Begin by creating a foundation chain according to your pattern instructions. For this tutorial, we'll use a foundation chain of 4 stitches.

Step 2:

Following your pattern, work the correct number of stitches along your foundation chain.

Remember: When working into a foundation chain, you should only crochet into the BACK loop of each stitch. Some patterns will require you to work increase stitches into the first and last chains.

Step 3:

To work into the other side of your foundation chain, rotate your piece of crochet 180 degrees.

Step 4:

You will now work into the FRONT loop of each stitch, along the opposite side of your foundation chain.

Step 5:

Once you have completed your foundation round, count your stitches. You can do this by counting the 'V's around the oval base.

Step 6:

Your pattern will tell you whether you should join your round with a slip stitch, or to continue working in a spiral.

Step 7:

You have now worked into both sides of your foundation chain, and are ready to start your second round.


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