How to Create a Long Tail Cast On (co) - Knitting Tutorial


Tutorial Overview

Abbreviation: co

The long tail cast on is a versatile method that uses just one needle and creates a strong, stretchy edge ideal for hats or jumpers. In this video we will show you how to cast on using the long tail slingshot method.

Step-by-step guide

Tip: This method uses yarn from both your tail end and from the ball so it is important you have a long enough tail for the number of cast on stitches. As an estimate, make the long tail three times the width of your finished project, plus 15cm more for good measure.

  1. Make a slip knot, slide it onto the needle, tighten and hold this needle in your right hand.

  2. Make sure the long tail end of yarn is to the left of the needle, towards you, and the ball end is to the right.

  3. Holding both strands of yarn together in your left hand, insert your index finger and thumb between the two strands and make an ‘L’ shape. Gently pull back your right needle to replicate a sling shot.

  4. Take the tip of your needle to the base of your thumb and draw up your thumb picking up the yarn strand.

  5. Then, take the tip of your needle to the tip of your index finger and draw down your finger picking up the yarn strand.

  6. Guide your needle through the loop around your thumb, letting your thumb fall out of the loop.

  7. Use your thumb to gently tighten that stitch. Repeat 3-6 until you have the desired cast on stitches.

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