Craftyparenttools - A Story Maker

Craftyparenttools - A Story Maker

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Meet our February Story Maker - Vashma @ craftyparenttools.

Stitch & Story believes that every maker has a unique story to tell when it comes to their crafting journey. The richness built and woven into every stitch of their project tells a personal story that we want to highlight and share with our community.



1. Please tell us a little about yourself, your profession, where you are from and what's your life journey been.

I’m a British Asian, currently the Global Technical HRIS Director at Chubb Fire & Security. My crochet journey began about 12 years ago. As a working mum, I'm passionate about using crafts, particularly crochet, to connect with other parents and individuals seeking balance in their lives. My journey has been about rediscovering myself after motherhood and finding joy in the little things that crafts bring, and restoring that essential mum-life-balance.


2. Do you have a go-to craft choice or it's pretty evenly split?

I've dabbled in knitting and weaving but crocheting remains my absolute favorite. I recently took the leap and felt brave enough to launch it as my side business, has some of my crochet creations. My vision for this platform is to discuss the crucial role of crafts in regaining that 'mumlifebalance', especially post-parenthood. This platform is inspired by my own experiences as a mother, where crafting has been a cornerstone in regaining my sense of self.



3. When did you first learn to craft? How did you pick it up?

I was 22, only 2 years out of university, and on a tight budget when I first got into crocheting. I mostly learned through YouTube tutorials and free resources. A big part of why I’m sharing free tips and tricks on my instagram, @Craftyparentingtools is because I want to give back to this awesome community. 


4. What was your first Stitch & Story project?

My first project with Stitch & Story was a beanie hat for my 3 year old daughter. The yarn was so soft, comfy and cozy that I may or may not have gone on a shopping splurge and bought a tonne more of the same yarn!! But my daughter absolutely loves this hat, its texture created such a cosy look. I’ve also created some heart-shaped coasters, scrunchies, and jewellery bowls, many of which are now available on my website – perfect for Valentine's Day gifting!



5. Do you have any 2024 crafting resolution/intentions?

 In 2024, I'm focusing on expanding my craft range and exploring more sustainable and eco-friendly crafting materials. I'm also planning to collaborate with small businesses that share an my ethos of prioritising your mental health, using craft as a way to regain your balance and to make sure our products are eco friendly! 


6. Do you have any recommendation of inspiration source you'd like to share?

My biggest inspiration is my 3 year old. She’s super sassy and is amazing at picking colors - she often looks at my work and critiques it or commissions little projects by me. The other day she told me to make my crochet cat ears ‘more pointy’.  She also loves posing with my products, like my blankets etc. and is my biggest supporter. My products tend to have a practical element to them, as well as decorative. For instance, some of the crochet plants I’ve created double as small storage bowls and she’s super creative at helping me decide which colors to pick. It’s become our little thing, she calls it ‘yarning’ together. 


Vashma's instagram is  craftyparenttools, don't forget to give her a follow. If you also want to be featured on our monthly Story Maker feature, please get in touch with Cynthia on Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and show us what you have been up to. Remember, you can also get in touch with our customer care team on for any issues you are facing with your patterns and projects.