Creating the Lore Collection with Helda Panagary

Creating the Lore Collection with Helda Panagary

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The story behind the stitches: Helda Panagary shares the inspiration behind her crochet patterns.

The Lore Collection
Crochet patterns by Helda Panagary

Helda Panagary is the creator of the 5 crochet patterns in our Lore Collection, and we’re delighted to share with you a Q&A about her inspiration, design process, and love of yarn!

Hi Helda! We’d love to find out more about your patterns - what inspired you?

The collection is inspired by the patterns and symmetry that are abundant in nature, in particular 6-petalled flowers. 


Creating the Lore Collection with Helda Panagary


Tell us about your design process: how do you go from an idea, to a finished design?

Generally, I like to start with the yarn. I’m a tactile person, and like to feel the properties of yarn. I’ll study its colors, and write down the words that I feel are associated with them.

The palette in the Secret Garden DK and the Cotton Braid suggests softness, lightness, and renewal. As I’m inspired by nature, it was obvious that flowers would be the springboard for my designs. From there I started making some crochet flowers: daffodils, daisies, and other flowers with six petals.

This led me to start sketching! I thought about the geometry in nature, in this case - circles overlapping circles. Playing with these shapes, and creating linked ovals, reminded me of a Spirograph, and all the patterns you can create with that.


Creating the Lore Collection with Helda Panagary


I then started creating crochet samples in the round, based on these sketches. The jasmine stitch in particular is a lovely, decorative stitch that’s created by a series of interlinked yarn-overs . 

When I’m happy with the stitch, I think about the drape and texture of the design. The Cotton Braid yarn is incredibly soft, coupled with the thick fabric that jasmine stitch creates, it was obvious that this would lend itself towards patterns for blankets, shawls, scarves, and more!

From that point I worked closely with Stitch & Story’s Head of Collections, Cynthia, to come up with a collection that you would all (hopefully) love!

What excited you most about working on this collection?

Oh my goodness, it has to be working with the yarns. Working with both yarns has been an absolute joy! Cotton Braid is a new yarn to me. As the name suggests, it’s a yarn that’s made up of strands braided together, and is hands down the softest cotton I have ever used. Believe me, I’ve worked with a lot of cotton, so honestly I can’t recommend it enough!

Aside from the yarn, I was also excited about working with the team at Stitch & Story. They have worked with some incredible designers and I’m honored to have been chosen to work with them. Right from the start, Cynthia worked closely with me and offered so much support. It’s been an honor to work with a team that’s trying - and succeeding - in changing the narrative.

Do you have any tips or tricks for how to crochet your patterns?

The jasmine stitch is thought of as a very difficult stitch, but I’m glad I had an opportunity to create patterns to show that, with a little practice, it’s very easy, and creates a beautiful fabric. 


Nysa Jasmine Scarf PDF crochet pattern

About Helda Panagary
About Helda Panagary
Helda is a crochet designer who has a hard time putting down her hook, and a regular writer for Inside Crochet magazine. As a disabled crochet designer she believes in inclusivity and accessibility by using simple stitches and factoring costs into her patterns. Her designs are inspired by the harmony of nature, and the importance of celebrating and conserving it. She enjoys crocheting for its mindful, meditative qualities.

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