Crafting the Collection: Find Your Club cross stitch kits

Crafting the Collection: Find Your Club

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Meet our graphic designer extraordinaire, Gemma, and learn more about the creation of our own cross stitch collection.

Find Your Club
Stitch & Story’s first cross stitch collection

To celebrate the arrival of our first in-house cross stitch collection, we chatted to Gemma, the graphic design extraordinaire and talented illustrator behind the designs, here at Stitch & Story HQ. 

Where did you begin when coming up with the designs for this collection? How did the idea of creating clubs come about?

It all started with a brief to create a collection of animals, and a chosen color palette to make it with. The idea to create clubs with animal designs came to me after seeing a t-shirt that said ‘coffee club’, and the ‘ocean club’ became the first of a long list of animals and potential clubs they could be mascots for! Being part of a club is filled with nostalgia for me: it makes me think of the excitement I felt collecting my badges as a Brownie Guide. 

Concept sketches for Find Your Club cross stitch kits by Gemma Pratt
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Tell us a bit more about your design process…

Once I’ve got a load of ideas, I start sketching and experimenting with different compositions and combinations of colors from our curated selection. When creating the concept sketches, I had to keep in mind how well they would translate into a cross stitch grid. This helped with the selection process of the final collection. 

Concept sketches for Find Your Club cross stitch kits by Gemma Pratt 
Concept sketches for Find Your Club cross stitch kits by Gemma Pratt

Which club in the collection are you a part of?

Ooh it would have to be the Dinosaur Club! Dino-inspired creatures appear in my illustration work quite a lot, so I feel like I have a special bond with my pre-historic pals!

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About Gemma Pratt
Gemma Pratt, Graphic Designer and illustrator

Gemma is Stitch & Story’s graphic design superstar. She’s also an illustrator, creating magical worlds in dreamy zines and prints. You can discover her wonderland, Gemmy’s Cloud, on Instagram and Etsy.


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