5 things you didn't know about knitting and crochet

5 Things You Didn't Know About Knitting & Crochet

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Do you know your craft? Discover some fascinating facts about knitting and crochet.


5 Things You Didn't Know About Knitting & Crochet


The Ancient Pyramids are full of yarn! (Probably)

Early examples of hand-knitted garments were found to originate in Egypt from the 3rd - 5th Century AD, and used cotton fibers. A pair of toe socks are among the oldest knitted artefacts, made using a single-needle technique that’s similar to sewing.


Egyptian knitted socks at the Victoria & Albert Museum

There are names for the way you hold your crochet hook

How do you hold yours? A common name is the Pencil Grip, but other ways include Knife Grip, Pinky Fly Hold, and Chopstick Hold!


How to hold your crochet hook



Queen Elizabeth I wasn’t a fan of knitting machines

When William Lee invented the first knitting machine in 1589, he took it to Queen Liz and showed her how it could be used to make stockings out of both wool and silk. He needed her approval to get a patent, but she refused over concerns about the future of the hand-knitting industry if the machine became popular. 

In 1598, poor William tried again, asking King James I for a patent, but sadly got turned down a second time. It was a very tough crowd on Shark Tank back in the day!


William Lee knitting machine


Granny Squares are for life, not just for the 60s

The first documented pattern for a ‘granny-square’ was published in London in 1897. Since their popularity grew in the sixties, Granny Squares have remained a firm crochet favorite. Their versatility means they can be transformed into anything from blankets to bags. It’s a familiar motif that continues to appear in contemporary fashion.


Nonna Throw granny square blanket crochet pattern Spring Motif free crochet blanket pattern

A row a day keeps the stress away!

The soothing, therapeutic effects of both knitting and crochet have been proven to help lower stress levels, and help to keep minds happy and healthy. 

Discover the mental health benefits for yourself; pick up a new project today, and enjoy the crafting journey.


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Image Credits: wikimedia.org, wikipedia.org